The Universal Diet E-Book | Rapid Fat Loss / Hypertrophy / Health

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The Universal Diet E-Book | Rapid Fat Loss / Hypertrophy / Health - Nutrition rules that will accelerate every widely fitness related goal you have. Achieving this goal is an inevitable byproduct of restoring your body's health (highly damaged by mainstream fitness industry recommendations). For as you will understand - health is the most important thing when it comes to improving and maintaining looks, physique, well being, and performance for a long time.

Most of the principles of this diet are contradictory to what you have heard. Why the mainstream nutrition rules are completely wrong - you can read in this e-book.

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The Universal Diet E-Book

The Universal Diet E-Book - Health Benefits.

Any diet recommendation should be aimed towards improving health above all. Therefore I always focus on it first. Here are the health benefits you'll get while following my nutrition principles.

Increase in repair abilities of your body

Because of that, managing effects of many diseases will be much easier. Even those very common, usually treated with strong medications. (Thyroid dysfunction, food allergies, and diabetes). It also improves immunity to various sicknesses.

Hormones Optimisation

Because of different hormones levels being optimized, you'll feel much better overall. Your mood and quality of sleep will improve. Due to the faster release of adrenaline, your muscle cells will react stronger.

Women will greatly benefit from optimizing estrogen levels. The severity of PMS will be reduced and menopausal symptoms diminished.

Testosterone levels in men will be increased and stabilized.


Even if you don't exercise - you still won't lose your muscles. Muscles are a relatively efficient source of energy, often used by the body under most circumstances. While following this diet's principles, your body will utilize different sources of energy - preserving muscle mass, even if you are not working out. Increasing and preserving muscle mass is extremely important when thinking about the most important aspect of a diet - optimal health.

The Universal Diet E-Book

The Universal Diet E-Book - Looks related Benefits.

Looking good is certainly an inevitable side effect of having a healthy body. Because you can't look out of shape and feel bad while being in a perfect health state.


Compared to most of the diets, this one changes metabolic processes, in a way to make it extremely easy to lose fat. It also makes it hard to gain fat back for a long time, even when you stop dieting for some reason.


As a result of improving repair abilities of the body - decrease in skin imperfections (wrinkles, acne, etc.). Your hair and nails problems, and other looks and health-related issues will be solved.


While using this diet's principles (and a proper workout) you will gain muscle mass without body fat increase.

The Universal Diet E-Book

The Universal Diet E-Book - Other Benefits

Here are the other benefits of my nutrition principles.


While following this diet's principles you will manage your hunger with ease.


You will avoid the stress associated with common nutritional principles.


  • Mental calmness - lack of mood swings and irritability as a result of stabilized ghrelin levels
  • Mental sharpness - due to the increase in more efficient for brain nutrients


With common diets, you are usually restricted from eating foods you like for a very long time. It is very psychologically taxing. With this diet, you are only deprived of your favourite foods for a short time. Eventually, you can eat them without regrets and the feeling of guilt.

The Universal Diet E-Book - Author

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