Skipping Breakfast - Fat Loss and mental benefits.

Contrary to common belief - skipping breakfast is beneficial in many ways. Nutrients consumed after waking up determine the metabolic status of your body for the rest of the day. It might dictate whether you burn fat or carbs as a source of energy. Skipping breakfast is a great method to accelerate body's natural ability to burn body fat.

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Upon waking up, levels of cortisol hormone peaks. Cortisol works opposite to insulin - it breaks tissues down (while insulin makes tissues grow). The levels of those hormones dictate what your organism uses for energy. Without elevated insulin levels, cortisol will trigger the breakdown of free fatty acids. Moreover - in the mornings your ghrelin hormone also peaks (a hunger hormone). With elevated ghrelin level - your growth hormone (GH) - also peaks. GH is a very potent fat burning hormone (and beneficial in much more ways).

So, considering the natural hormone peaks cycles - the body's state at morning is a perfect environment for burning (metabolize) fat.

With a consumption of breakfast, especially te kind considered to be perfect ("lots of carbohydrates to supply organism in energy for the rest of the day") by fitness "experts," you ruin this state. Moreover - you create an environment for expanding your fat tissue (with elevated both insulin and cortisol your body not only fill your fat cells but also sends signals to produce more of them).

What's also disadvantageous is a fact, that with an insulin spike, you become sleepy and you lose your mental acuity quite considerably.

The research amongst student has been done. Scientists divided a group of similar-performing students in two groups. One was eating a "balanced" breakfast, while the other didn't consume nothing (skipping breakfast) in the mornings. The fasting group behaved and performed much better than the other, and its contestants' ability to focus was higher.

You might think that just avoiding carbohydrates would be sufficient for preventing a fat burning state of the morning, but that's a little more complicated. Every nutrient, except pure fat, can cause an interruption in this state. That's where the recommendation of coffee with coconut oil and heavy whipping cream instead of a regular meal. Your first "solid" meal should not be consumed sooner than 2 hours after waking up.