Aversus – Exercises Execution Guide


Exercises Execution Guide

Proper technique is crucial to force adaptation of the muscle tissue. It is vital to notice that performing an exercise doesn’t automatically mean that a muscle is under tension. More often than not, the cluster of surrounding ancillary muscles will do just as much work as the muscle that’s meant to be working. Learning to create tension within the operating muscle is what this guide was made for.

In this guide you will find explanation and tips about how to execute exercises in the best way possible to maximize the results and avoid injuries.

Even the most well-designed program, unless it’s executed with a degree of concern for tension within the appropriate place, won’t provide as fast results as it is possible.

Conversely, even a poorly designed program with flawless execution can garner much better results. Take the time to master a proper execution, even if it means using much lower weights. It’ll be well worth the time to take two steps backward to take ten steps forward.


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