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Aversus Edinburgh - About Me

About me - Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Bodybuilding Coach, Sports Nutritionist

My name is Mateusz Celeda. I run a nutrition/diet related and a massage business called Aversus in Edinburgh. I am a certified master personal trainer, sports nutritionist, bodybuilding coach, fitness trainer, and physiotherapist.

But the reason why you would trust me and spend your money on my services is not those titles. On the contrary - it's the striving to deny the rules I've learned achieving them.

Aversus Edinburgh - Name of Business

Many of those rules you may have already heard of. They can be found in every magazine with even one page involving a "healthy" lifestyle - therefore you don't need a personal trainer or nutritionist to learn them. The problem is that those guides' principles are based on outdated studies and biased above all towards generating profit, rather than improving health. Therefore most of them are simply far from the truth. By a lot of researching through different sources I found out that you don't have to be doing nearly as much as people say, and to be honest - you shouldn't.

The most valuable knowledge I've gained was certainly this acquired through learning and researching on my own, without blindly following the "set in stone" rules and even more - often denying them - the activities many trainers and nutritionists, unfortunately, don't do.

"Aversus" in Latin means "standing in opposition to". It perfectly fits my approach to the mainstream fitness industry.

Aversus Edinburgh - Beginning

Firstly, I started as a mostly online based business, offering my services to customers all over the world. I was selling customized nutrition and workout programs. After I wrote "The Universal Diet" - a diet program and nutrition guide explaining lots of misconceptions spread by fitness industry, I added it to my offer. I was constantly developing and improving my website by writing free articles, adding new features (customers database, client-area with progress tracking, and other) and regularly updating the e-book.

Aversus Edinburgh - Local Business

After moving to Edinburgh and completing a Physiotherapist and Masseur courses I've finally decided to offer my services locally - adding a new one - Massages.

Aversus Edinburgh - Location

You can find my office on 168 Great Junction Street in Edinburgh.

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Aversus Edinburgh - Contact and Bookings

You can book a consultation or a massage online - check out my Offer page.

You can also e-mail, phone me or visit my office.


Tel. No. : 075337 20245

E-mail: [email protected]

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