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My name is Mateusz Celeda and I am a certified master personal trainer, sports nutritionist, bodybuilding coach, fitness trainer, and physiotherapist.

But the reason why you would trust me and spend your money on my services is not those titles. On the contrary - it's the striving to deny the rules I've learned achieving them.

Many of them you've probably already heard of. They can be found in every magazine with even one page involving a healthy lifestyle - and you don't need a personal trainer and nutritionist to follow them. The problem with those is that they are based on outdated studies and biased towards money rather than health. By a lot of researching through different sources I found out that you don't have to be doing nearly as much as they say, and to be honest - you shouldn't. I personally was able to build my physique doing exactly opposite of what I've learned throughout all the courses I took.

The most valuable knowledge I've gained, was this acquired through learning and researching on my own, without following blindly the rules and even denying them - the activities many trainers, unfortunately, don't do.

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